• Introducing NoDazeOff

    AJ Cleveland (aka, NoDazeOff) is 19 years old, and has been creating music tracks for 10 years. Due to hard work, focus, and dedication to his craft he has mastered Pro-tools and Logic production software by age 19.

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  • Who is AJ Cleveland?

    AJ Cleveland, produces under the name NODAZEOFF, he is an “all inclusive” producer, although he produces all genres of music, his primary emphasis is originality. He is from Memphis, TN, the same hometown as Justin Timberlake.

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  • The Legend Begins


    AJ began creating tracks on a DJ Mixer and Wavy DJ board in the 4th grade. One year later he was making tracks on Fruity Loops, after quickly accomplishing that, he soon graduated to Reasons. While a junior in high school he grasped the dynamics of Pro-tools and Logic, which he currently uses today.


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