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AJ Cleveland A.K.A. “NoDazeOff”

AJ Cleveland is an “all inclusive” music producer specializing in all genres who produces under the well-deserved name NoDazeOff. He may be new to you but he’s not new to the field; He has been composing songs and creating music tracks since he was 10 years old using a DJ Mixer and a Wavy DJ board. He started his own music production company, Tree Shaker Publishing Company with BMI affiliation, by his junior year in high school. AJ, a native of Memphis, Tennessee (the birthplace of Rock-n-Roll and the academy award winning Three 6 Mafia), is original, talented, professionally trained and hungry.

Focused on his craft, NoDazeOff has mastered Fruity Loops, Reasons, Pro Tools, Logic, and more audio equipment. Years of training on the piano and a degree in audio technology has resulted in superior tracks of professional quality. He has copy written an extensive amount of original tracks consisting of EDM, Pop, Rock, Trap, Techno, Hip Hop, and R&B. Less than 1% of his copy written music contains “samples”. He is a one man production team, mixing and mastering his own tracks. He specializes in musical arrangements, and places an emphasis on originality. He knows the fundamentals of music, melodies, hooks, chords, bridges, etc., and uses them to create masterpieces.

NoDazeOff is a global producer. His plan is to become the Super Producer of all genres. With a fresh perspective on great music, NoDazeOff has captured the attention of fans around the world. Identifiable by his versatility, unique style, and a work ethic that can’t be matched, NoDazeOff is committed to keep the music going by producing tracks that would cause even the trees to shake.

Tree Shaker Publishing Company

Tree Shaker Publishing Company was established in 2011 by music producer and composer, AJ Cleveland also known as NoDazeOff. Since inception, the company has produced countless tracks ranging across all genres. This includes the release of innovative and attention grabbing tracks like “Dream of You”, “Face Off” and “Up All Night.” Tree Shaker Publishing Company has worked with several up and coming artists and is currently affiliated with BMI. Samples of Tree Shaker Publishing Company’s tracks can be found on the Sound Cloud for NoDazeOff.